When I first started thinking about travelling quite a few months ago, I was hoping to find a friend who could come with me so the whole prospect of it wouldn’t seem so daunting. Unfortunately, it turned out that the few people who had expressed interest in travelling before were either not in the position to do so in the time frame that I had in mind or else had other plans which did not tally with my own.

This left me with two choices: I could either delay my plans until my friends would be free to join me, or else I could travel alone.

There are various reasons I want to travel. One of the reasons is that, as the cliche goes, I want to ‘find myself’; because of this, there is not much point at all in waiting around for somebody else’s plans to change. I made the decision to travel alone. Now let me tell you, this was not an easy decision to make. I am not the type of person who enjoys being alone. If anything, I crave the company of others. However, moving country by myself last year made me realise that I am capable of doing things beyond my comfort zone and I can make the best out of most situations.

And so the planning started and the more I planned, the more excited I got. I have been telling my friends about rough ideas I have for a while now and lo and behold it seems my enthuasiasm is contagious. A few nights ago a friend I have made since I have been here in Ireland asked if I would consider having her along on the trip. I can’t tell you just how excited this has made me! Now I can plan things with somebody else and it will make the trip that little bit safer and, quite possibly, even more fun than it would have been.

At the same time I am glad that, faced with the prospect of having to take the huge step of travelling solo, I was willing to face that challenge head on. I am learning new things about myself all the time and the travelling hasn’t even started yet!

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  1. EverClear says:

    I have to be honest, I was a little uncertain about whether I could deal with travelling alone. It turns out, the only time I was alone was when I was actually 'travelling' i.e. getting on trains and things. I met with so many wonderful people who helped me out, had a good time with and generally felt safe around. It's not as daunting as people make it out to be. One just needs to be prepared and take all the common sense precautions is all ^_^

  2. Cola says:

    What many people do in these type of holidays is to meet friends along the way. Also as a backpacker you will meet many other backpackers who wouldn't mind some company. In the end you can go around with some of these newly made friends

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