2012 Indie Travel List

Two days ago I lived up to my self-proclaimed title of Butter Fingers and managed to drop my phone for the umpteenth time, finally breaking it. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I don’t really miss it. I do miss how easy it made texting and responding to emails but I have been far less distracted the past couple of days. As a result, I have been reading a lot more and spent this evening discovering new travel blogs to follow. One of those blogs can be found here: www.bootsnall.com

BootsnAll have just launched their 2012 Indie Travel Challenge – I love it when I find out about things just in time! – and I think it will be a good incentive to get me updating my little corner of the web a bit more often. And so without further ado …

Hannah’s 2012 Indie Travel List

Part resolutions list, part bucket list

  1. Set foot in Africa and India
  2. Satiate my urge to buy small trinkets from every market I visit
  3. And then share them with everyone at home in the form of tiny surprise parcels
  4. Send a postcard from every country I visit [I missed out a few in Africa due to the lack of a post office :(]
  5. Hug an elephant
  6. Dance barefoot by an open fire
  7. Wear a sari
  8. Eat an insect (voluntarily)
  9. See all of The Big Five
  10. Volunteer in an animal conservation centre
  11. Volunteer in a community development project
  12. Share the highs and the lows of first-time solo travel through my writing
  13. Tandem skydive (and try not to scream all the way down)
  14. Learn at least one phrase in as many languages as I possibly can
  15. Say YES as often as possible, even if it scares me. Especially if it scares me.


I think 15 things to aim for is a good start 🙂 Bring it on, 2012!

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