2015: My Year of Travel

It’s the end of the year and I have been asked the question, “Are you ever home?” more times than I can count. So I decided to figure out a more specific answer than “Sometimes!”

This year I travelled an estimated total of 103,490km – that’s roughly equivalent to 2.5 round-trips of the earth. This only takes into account plane journeys.

I was away from home for 132 days – about 36% of the time. So in answer to “Are you ever home?” … Almost two thirds of the year actually. Let’s do dinner!

Other fun facts:
– I passed through Dublin airport 32 times, Gatwick 7 times and Heathrow 5 times
– 9 of the 13 different countries (12 technically but I’m counting Scotland separately) I visited this year were for the first time ever
– I’m closing out 2015 at 32 countries in total on 4 separate continents. I’m well ahead of my ’30 countries before 30′ goal. Woo!
– This year of travel brought some creepy things to my dinner plate, most notable of which were: fermented shark, frog porridge, jellyfish, century egg, and crickets

It’s amazing what you can find out when you’re procrastinating writing an assignment. Here’s to more travel in 2016!


A night in the desert – Merzouga, Morocco

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