A Quick Note From Kenya

So here I sit in a deck chair, on the lawn in front of the camp site meeting area in Nairobi, Kenya. I MADE IT! Yesterday was a long day – I didn’t manage to sleep very well on the plane so I was pretty knackered when we finally landed. The drive through Nairobi traffic was, well, shall we say ‘interesting’? I know I’ve complained about Maltese driving before but it doesn’t even compare! If I’m honest, it was actually kind of fun … a bit like Dodgems but with real cars. The Matatu drivers must have a death wish but their skill at weaving in and out of traffic is unbeatable!

The first issue I had upon arrival was my phone – Vodafone doesn’t do well here, apparently. I wish I had known that before I left!  I got a lift to the nearest shopping centre to get myself a local sim card and let my family know I was safe and sound. The shopping centre was an experience in itself. As we drove in, an armed guard walked round the car with what looked like a long stick. I then noticed that there was a mirror attached to the bottom and he was checking the underside of the car. Do they do that to check for bombs, or cute little stowaway monkeys? Probably not the latter. Everyone’s bags were searched on the way in as well. Here’s another thing I immediately noticed – everyone here is veeeery laid back. All I needed was a sim card, and some water and biscuits. I was gone for over an hour!

Another thing I’ve noticed: people here like to mill around a lot, mostly at the side of the road. It’s quite odd driving down a main road, with people chilling at the side of it, either having a rest or chatting with some friends.

Anyway, I finally got back to camp and (unsuccessfully) tried to have a nap. I was feeling pretty dizzy and out of sorts but managed to drag myself into the shower and to the bar for some lunch. Then that’s when I started to meet people 🙂 I spent the day chatting to a few different people, and also met our driver and guide in the evening, who seem slightly mad but lovely! Today I met more people from our trip and we might be heading out into town later to visit a local SPCA. Since I’ve been chatting to everyone I’ve felt more at ease and all those nerves from my last post have gone, you’ll be pleased to note!

The camp here is absolutely beautiful. There are three resident dogs and plenty of birds flying in all the time. I even saw a tiny monkey on the fence yesterday! I can’t wait to get going tomorrow and see so much more 🙂

P.S. My internet connection isn’t good enough to upload photos here just yet but you can find me on facebook.

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4 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Aw this is brilliant Hannah! So glad to read your first post on the big trip. Looking forward to reading many more xxx

  2. Ashling says:

    Wow… Monkeys in Nairobi? Im guessing you’re in the suburbs. Sounds great. Love matatu journeys. I recall the shopping centre security also possessing large AK47s!! MAD! Nerves are not always a bad thing as a solo traveller, they keep you alert and aware which is needed when travelling in Africa.
    Best of luck as you set off tomorrow. x

  3. Carmen Wayte says:

    Hi Han enjoyed reading your first blog of Kenya. Glad to hear you’re feeling better now you’ve met sum of the others. Look forward to reading more about your trip. Take care. Love you xxx

  4. ciara says:

    So glad you’ve found your bearings Hannah! I remember that laid back African tempo well! You certainly find yourself having to go with the slow flow. Thats great that u got to chat to people already. Looking forward to hearing more. Ciara. xox

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