Another First

Every single year as the Christmas trees start popping up around town, the streets are lit up and seasonal window displays are unveiled, we all seem to ask the same question: Where has the year gone? True enough, you never quite realise just how quickly the days fly by until it’s time to send out the cards and buy a new diary.
This time last year it was already snowing in Ireland and it felt a lot more Christmassy for it. I still have my hopes up that we will have a white Christmas but just in case that doesn’t happen, I decided to visit a few Christmas markets over the weekend to try get into the spirit a little more. It worked 🙂

 Roasted Chestnuts stalls are not commonplace in Ireland at all as I found out, much to my dismay, last year. This absolutely made my day!

Kids get to have all the fun.

A real, live donkey! This made me very excited 🙂

What would a Christmas fair be without sweets?

The past year and a half (I still can’t quite believe I left Malta that long ago) has been a period of ‘Firsts’. I have experienced so many things by myself for the first time that it’s really quite overwhelming when I look back and realise just how much I have been able to adapt to and accomplish in that time frame. This Christmas is going to be another First: the first Christmas away from my parents. Ever. Meep! I know I am 24 but I still find this one quite scary. I had such a hard time of getting back to Malta to spend Christmas with them last year due to a bad snow storm shutting down Dublin airport that I have decided not to do it again this year. It’s not that I think the consequent 15-hour ferry/coach trip to London, overnight stay at my sister’s in Essex and €350 last minute flight to Malta weren’t worth it in the long run but it’s not something I would like to repeat two years in a row. Not to mention the fact that I have a lot of expenses coming up next year thanks to The Big Trip!

As happy as I am to be able to spend Christmas with my sister in England, I felt quite sad as I flipped through the ‘Christmas Wishes From Across the Seas’ cards this afternoon. At the same time, it’s a good step in preparation for next year’s Christmas where I am going to be a lot further away from home and with no family around me whatsoever. I can already imagine that even if I am lying on a warm beach in Goa, I’m still going to be feeling pretty miserable about not being with my family. But the fact of it is that if it’s a beach in Goa I’m lying on, someone had better give me a kick up the bum if I sulk for more than a day!

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