Because I don’t hold the axiom ‘the world is a small place’ to be true. The world is a monumental medley of colours, sounds, gestures, smells, movement, ideas…

Because stepping out of my comfort zone makes me feel alive; makes me want to sing and dance and rejoice at just how strong I can be without having to rely on anyone to hold me up.

Because I want to be humbled. I want to get away from this culture of bloated egotism and pompous self-importance, stand in the middle of a desert and realise that I am of no more consequence than one of the grains of sand beneath my feet.

Because there is more to life than the next milestone. Marriage, house, kids… Give me Mozambique, Hong Kong, Kenya instead any day.

Because the world is a teacher, the best teacher there is, and it would be downright rude to pass up on the lessons she can give!

This is why I want to travel.

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