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Overland Day 40: Malawi 0

Overland Day 40: Malawi

Day 31 Another gorgeous day in Zanzibar. Started off by walking along the beach and visiting a turtle conservation centre, where I got to feed the turtles (and shake flippers with one too!). They’re...

Overland Day 30: Zanzibar, Tanzania 0

Overland Day 30: Zanzibar, Tanzania

If I could, I would insert a little audio clip here of a super long sigh of relaxation – just to make you all jealous 😉 I’m in Zanzibar at the minute and it’s...

Overland Day 25: Tanzania 3

Overland Day 25: Tanzania

Hello internet, I’m still alive! The further into this trip we get, the busier our days seem to be. Even when there has been the option of getting online, I’ve not always had the...