This blog has been many things:

  • A place to plan my travel dreams
  • An inspiration to become a professional travel writer
  • A way of staying in touch with my nearest and dearest while I was in the furthest flung destinations
  • A source of information for other travellers
  • A refuge when the post-travel blues hit hard

But somewhere along the line, none of those things seemed to fit like they used to. I kept writing for a while, still determined to turn my travel writing into a viable source of income, but I lost the passion for it. Turns out I love to travel and I love to write but doing both at the same time? Nah. I still admire the travel bloggers I followed for years for doing what they do but the amount of time I had to spend online to try and make something of this blog just wasn’t worth it (for me). started out as a travel blog and I couldn’t figure out how to break away from that so … I stopped writing. And do you know what? That really, really sucks.

Moving forward, is about Hannah (hello, that’s me) and … you guessed it … my world! So yeah, sometimes posts will be travel-related but other times they won’t. I’m excited to regain my own space. A place where I can ramble and muse and ponder about anything that is shaping the way I see and experience things at the time.

This post is my way of making a clean break. It’s more for me than for you. But if there’s a ‘you’, hi! Nice to see you there 🙂

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  1. Sarah says:

    Yay! Excited to see you writing again!! 🙂

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