Countdown: T Minus 4 Days

As you read this I will be in Belfast pulling on my wellies and getting ready to spend the day at Tennent’s Vital, a music festival, where I’ll get to sing my heart out to Foo Fighters and The Black Keys. YAY! Taking a few days off to explore a small part of Northern Ireland feels a little bit like madness now that I have only four days left until I am due to leave Ireland for good. Official countdown:

4 days until Malta

20 days until England

26 days until Kenya


Are you sure about that?

Yeah. When did that happen?

When I first started talking about travelling last year, and about how much I hated my job and wanted to leave, my sister came up with an acronym for me: IOFOY (It’s Only For One Year); any time I felt frustrated, I could repeat that to myself. I would spend my days looking at a calendar, counting down the months, weeks and days. And suddenly – here I am. A year ago I wrote about how I couldn’t wait to write my own ‘Time to Get Going’ post and now I’m almost there. Madness.

I had my official leaving ‘do on Saturday which was oodles of fun and carried on into the wee hours of the morning. I have met some fantastic characters since moving to Dublin and they will be sorely missed. But anyway, this isn’t my farewell post. Not just yet!

My flight to Mumbai from Cape Town is now fully booked and I have put together a rough itinerary for India. I’d like to book my first night’s accommodation before I get there just to have somewhere to make a bee-line for when I arrive. I’ve been told arriving in India is an assault on the senses, and as much as I’d like to be the person who can take it all in her stride from the get go, I know I’m going to have to hole up for a few hours before I can work up the nerve to venture out. That probably makes me a bit of a wuss, but I have never claimed to be anything else πŸ™‚

To those of you reading – do you have any personal recommendations for guesthouses in Mumbai? I have my Lonely Planet and the internet at my fingertips, but a recommendation from someone who has actually stayed at that place is far more trustworthy.

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3 Responses

  1. Simmy says:

    So exciting! You’re anything but a wuss by the way, it takes guts to set off into the big wide world alone. Can’t wait until I get to do the same (started planning now!) Hope you get some good recommendations for places to stay in Mumbai πŸ™‚

  2. Clare says:

    I stayed in a lovely place in Mumbai called the Hotel Bluebird. It was on the cheaper end of the budget, but still very accessible and clean. My big recommendation is to stay in the Colaba area of the city.

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