Everyone Loves a Quickie

This afternoon I made my way to the British embassy and applied for my British passport. I figure it will be better to travel on that rather than a Maltese one.

Last week I asked the Credit Union about applying for a loan and it really seems like it’s on the cards.

It’s still early days but the jigsaw pieces are starting to come together.

So this is a quick post to say:



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  1. August 19, 2012

    […] I only applied for my first British passport at the beginning of this year. I figure I will be better off travelling as a British citizen rather than a Maltese one because certain visas will be less expensive (or not even a requirement) and I feel safer knowing that, should I need help, a British embassy will be much easier to find than a Maltese one. My Dad seems to think the opposite, claiming that British tourists tend to be targeted more often but if I thought like that I would never go anywhere. In a crisis I can always wave my Maltese passport around as well and confuse the hell out of everyone 🙂 […]

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