Hello From Malta

I’ve been in Malta for a couple of days now, mostly hiding from the sun and catching up with old friends after dark. It’s beyond me how I ever managed to function in this heat on a daily basis. Spending a few weeks here should hopefully toughen me up again! On the plus side, I have rediscovered my love for Maltese food. It really does take some beating.

Hobz biz-zejt

This is the traditional Ħobż biżŻejt (bread with oil): Maltese bread, drizzled with olive oil, rubbed with tomato and finished off with a pinch of pepper. Anything else you add on top is up to you but tuna and ġbejna tal-bżar (peppered goat’s cheese) work a treat.


Dies ist meine wassermelone. Meine!

In an effort to avoid getting burnt to a crisp and yet still see a little bit more than my bedroom walls, I got a lift into Valletta at 7am yesterday. In my 16 years of living in Malta, I don’t think I ever visited the capital city at that time of day but it was actually worth waking up for. I was able to amble along the main street at my own pace, and it was also cool and shady enough to walk down to the bottom of Valletta and then back up that god-awful hill again without collapsing from heat exhaustion.


A view of the Grand Harbour through a side-street in Valletta


This newsagent has been around longer than I can remember. Also the only shop open so early!

I also had the Upper Barrakka Gardens to myself – well, for the most part. There was a strange-looking man who kept looking in my direction and gave me the creeps, but every city has its weirdos.

There’s a hell of a lot of construction work going on in Valletta at the moment and one of the construction projects is the rebuilding of the Barrakka Lift; this lift was shut down in 1970 and dismantled in 1983. My mum says there was a fatal accident (the lift fell – eek!), which led to its closure but I haven’t been able to find any evidence of this online. It made a good story when my sister and I got too close to the edge at the Upper Barrakka Gardens when we were little, anyway.

Upper Barrakka Gardens


Upper Barrakka Gardens

I have yet to go to the beach but that’s on my list for later on this week, as well as too many drinks at a friend’s wedding and a short trip to Gozo with some friends. Aaaah the good life 🙂

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  1. Mark says:

    I really want some hobz biz-zejt!! Enjoy your trip to Malta, not sure when I’ll be there next. :/

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