I’m Dreaming of a White…

…October, apparently.
Back in Malta there are all of two seasons: Summer and Winter. There’s no inbetween. You’re either soaked because of the rain, or soaked because of the sweat. You get the picture. That said, living in Ireland has been a revelatory experience weather-wise. There has been:

   Winter in Ireland has taught me:
  • Central heating is a blessing not to be taken for granted (but storage heaters are absolute shite)
  • Never to underestimate the usefulness of a fuzzy scarf
  • Not to wear stupidly inappropriate shoes
  • How to bleed a radiator
  • As difficult as snow can make your life, it is still magical 🙂
I love Spring because:
  • It’s the only time of year you can marvel at snowdrops and daffodils
  • There are few things cuter than a brood of ducklings swimming along the canal
  • People start to smile more
  • Squirrels cross my path
The funny thing about Summer in Ireland:
  • Just because it’s Summer everywhere else, doesn’t mean that it’s going to be either warm or dry here
  • The Irish are extremely well-prepared; everyone may be wearing a jacket and huddling under an umbrella as they walk to work in the morning but the second there is a little bit of sun there is nothing but tank tops and rolled up jeans to be seen. I still haven’t figured out how they pull this off so seamlessly.
  • The shelves are still stacked with wellies (festivals = mud)

You know it’s Autumn when:

  • You start to keep your socks on after climbing into bed
  • The heating is turned on for the first time in months
  • The little kid inside you whoops for joy as you crunch your way over fallen leaves
  • Red and orange berries appear everywhere
  • You can’t get California Dreamin’ out of your head (all the leaves are brown…)

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3 Responses

  1. Gativa says:

    that's funny, for me coming from another part of the world with more radical seasonal changes, i find that Ireland has not seasons, just weather and various degrees of warmth and rain…and thanks for reminding me about crunchy leaves in autumn, i forgot how long it's been since 🙂

  2. madmalteaser says:

    I love crunchy leaves!!! They make me want to run through them, kicking them up into the air like the big kid I am 🙂 Autumn is definitely my favourite season.

  3. Hannah says:

    Good point, Nadia! One step at a time for me though hehe 🙂

    Crunchy leaves are the best. You can just tell that all the adults are secretly organising their path so that there is no way around that large patch of leaves… 😀

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