It’s Really Happening.

I’m currently sat in an airport lounge at Heathrow, probably feeling even more out of my comfort zone in here than I will in Africa … but they have wi-fi and I have a long old wait until my gate opens.

This morning I was so excited about the next six months that I had tears in my eyes. The second my sister dropped me off at the airport and drove away, the scariness of it all hit me. I had problems checking in because it’s a one-way flight, which had to be cleared by security first, so that didn’t help either. There’s an ongoing battle in my head at present:

Hannah1: I’m on my own and something is going to go wrong and why did I ever start thinking about travelling and is it even what I really want?!

Hannah2: Shut the fuck up. You are going to have the time of your life.

I’m almost scared enough to think I can’t go through with this. But then I mentally bitch-slap myself and stop thinking like that. Sort of.

Hannah2: Think of the elephants, Hannah.

Hannah1: Elephants πŸ™‚

Aside from being scary, solo travel also presents some issues you just don’t have to face when you are with someone else. I could really do with a quick pee but my all my bags are here and I don’t want to leave them alone. Neither do I want to carry them with me to the bathroom.

Hannah2: Stop whinging!

Maybe the elderly couple who just sat down will mind them for me. Is it terrible that I inherently trust anyone over 70? As long as they aren’t particularly creepy, anyway.

I hope that all the people who have called me “brave” for doing this read this post. I’m not. I’m bricking it. But once I am on the road and everything is going great, let this be a lesson for anyone else who is scared. Anyway, I’d better not get ahead of myself. I should probably wait until Kenya accepts me first.

So this is goodbye to my life as I’ve known it for the past while. Messages of encouragement are super duperly welcomed!

P.S. I made it to the bathroom without any drama.

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7 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    You’ll be fine. Just keep your wits about you, smile… And elephants!!!!!

  2. Petite Polonaise says:

    Hannah! First of all, I am sorry I didn’t make it to your farewell party, I am pretty sure you had a bal, even without me being there πŸ˜‰ Second thing….you are going to be just fine. You were born to do this, I am telling you. I am not saying to you not to be affraid, as it won’t be easy at a times, there will be moments that you will have enough, that your legs will be killing you, you’ll be crying because you will be that exhausted, nonetheless, all those places you are about to see, all those moments you will experience and all those people (and/or elephants) you are going to meet and become friends with will make up for all the rest. It’s THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE and enjoy every bit of it, it’s gonna be your own treasure…:)))

    P.S. Farewell Hannah…we probably won’t meet again, however I will never forget you. I have a little piece of you (or rather from you), which reminds me of you hahaha. NDS (downloaded Mario3 the other day and can’t stop playing hahahahaha). With love, Em.

  3. Simmy says:

    You must have had butterflies buzzing in your tummy waiting at the airport! I remember the feeling before going to China and that was really not anything in comparison to what you’ll be doing.

    I’m sure you’ll have the time of your life and bring back memories to cherish forever πŸ™‚

    Have fun!

  4. cantaloupe says:

    It’s going to be amazing and life changing and all that fear you’re feeling now is going to transform within you to give you strength. I don’t know how it works that way, but it just does. You’re going to have so many life changing wonderful moments that you’ll be perfect at the end of the road. Or at least a lot closer to it than many other people. Work it!

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