Margo’s Mini Travels: Tea Shops in Dublin

No matter which town or country my tail may find itself, I somehow always manage to end up in tea shops. Not through choice, you’ll understand. Mainly just because I go wherever my curly-haired friend will take me.

 I can’t say I mind, though.

There are three cafés we somehow seem to frequent when at home and I have it on good authority* that they are the cosiest spots in Dublin for a decent cup of tea.

*The difficult part of writing guest posts is that you have to butter your host up

Foam Café
24 Strand Street Great, Dublin 1 –
Where do I start with this one? Imagine logging on to eBay, typing in ‘tacky’ as your search keyword and limiting results to items based in Hong Kong and under $10, then spending the entire budget allotted to decorating your new café on the knick knacks the search has come up with. I’m pretty sure this might be a true story in the case of Foam. The weird thing is, however, that it actually works. From fringed lampshades to dog-patterned tablecloths and neon flamingos on the walls, Foam has it all.

 There were plenty of friends to be made.

It took me a while to pick my little jaw up off the table the first time I visited, but then I soon realised that, mad decor aside, it’s a fantastic hangout with sofas you can sink into and a great range of teas, as well as some yummy food to nibble on. Foam is hidden in a quiet side-street in the heart of Dublin and is well worth seeking out!

Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge
23 Lower Stephen Street, Dublin 2 –
There’s nothing immediately spectacular about Accents when you scamper in but its awesomeness will soon make itself apparent. The staff at Accents are absolutely lovely and always ready with a smile and a perfectly brewed cup of tea. You can either choose to sit upstairs, possibly holed up in the ‘reading corner’ – don’t worry if you forgot to bring your book with you; there’s a whole bookcase to choose one from – or else have a mosey on downstairs and take your pick of comfy armchairs, sofas or, wait for it, beanbags! Now who wouldn’t that appeal to? Even a mouse like me can appreciate the significance of a tea house with beanbags. Aside from being the perfect spot to chill out in the city centre, Accents also organises quite a few events in case you fancy something a bit different.

The beanbags were taken.

Tea Garden
7 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin 1 –
Last but not least, I can’t talk about drinking tea in Dublin without giving the Tea Garden a mention. This oasis of calm is a stone’s throw away from where I was picked up one fateful night. I was somewhat dubious as to where I was being taken the day Hannah turned off the quays down some spiral steps into a shady looking bamboo-covered doorway. Stepping through the door, however, is like stepping out of Dublin and into an authentic tea garden somewhere in the orient. Low seats or even just cushions on the floor meant I could make myself comfortable immediately. The tea menu is extensive and those who are there to serve it to you know exactly what they are doing and talking about, should you care to ask any questions.

Be warned though: on many an occasion I have had to curl up with my tail and have a nap; once you set foot through that door, you probably won’t be leaving for some time! Particularly once the Scrabble board gets taken out…

Until next time,

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  1. Sarah says:

    I'm glad to see you included my favourite place ever, Margo! Foam is a feast for the eyes while the food fills up your tum.

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