Overland Day 30: Zanzibar, Tanzania

If I could, I would insert a little audio clip here of a super long sigh of relaxation – just to make you all jealous πŸ˜‰ I’m in Zanzibar at the minute and it’s like having a holiday away from the holiday. For the first time in a month, I am not caked in dirt and my fingernails are clean; it’s awesome! Zanzibar is so, so beautiful. I had lunch overlooking the beach this afternoon and was perfectly content to sit there, doing nothing, for hours. Mmmmmm πŸ™‚ Here’s a little catch up of the past few days:

Day 26

Back on the truck today but not for long; by 12pm we had arrived at our destination: Zebra Park. I’d love to tell you where that is but I have no idea … somewhere between Kilimanjaro and Dar Es Salaam, anyway. Spent the afternoon playing Scrabble, Cranium and cricket by the river.


Day 27

Super early start this morning – up at 4am and on the truck by 5am. Ouch! We all managed it somehow though, and most of us spent the first three hours sleeping. Funny how easily you can become accustomed to bumpy roads! Quite a long drive to Dar Es Salaam with very few stops along the way so not the most interesting of days. A few hours away from our destination, Alun (our tour guide) wanted to sit in the back of the truck and I got to sit in the cab πŸ˜€ Great view from there and a nice change to sit with one person rather than 23!

Reached our destination, Mikadi Beach in Dar Es Salaam, by about 5pm and we were greeted by an incredible view of the ocean and white strands which stretched for miles in each direction, a.k.a. heaven. Changed into my bikini and hopped straight into the pool as the sea was a bit rough. Loooovely! Spent the evening at the bar with a few of the others and had my first taste of lying in a hammock!

Day 28

We were greeted by a convoy of tuk-tuks this morning, all ready to drive us to the Zanzibar ferry.

tuk tuk

The ride wasn’t as hair-raising as I was expecting and we all got there in one piece. The ferry (which turned out to be a catamaran) on the other hand, was pretty rough. I’m not great with boats and this thing was all over the place. Managed to sleep through the worst of it anyway and it was absolutely definitely worth it to get to Zanzibar.

We arrived in Stone Town two and a half hours after leaving Dar. It is such a stunning place! Winding alleyways, beautiful architecture, amazing views … love it! We checked in at Safari Lodge then a few of us immediately headed out on the Spice Tour, which is a tour around a plantation of various spices and fruits. Learnt a lot, got to taste some funky spices (warning: do not try fresh ginger. It burns!) and came back with some different teas, soaps and perfume. Sold! Oh yeah, and got to watch a guy climb all the way up a coconut tree then swing around it as if he was a pole dancer. Bonus points: they made us little hats, bags and ties out of palm leaves!

spice tour

As part of the Spice Tour, we were taken to visit the old slave market. I found visiting the dungeons quite upsetting but certainly something you ought to see if you visit.

Started off the evening at Africa House, the oldest gentleman’s club in Africa (women are now allowed!), which offered a fantastic view of the sun setting over the sea. Afterwards we moved on to the night market, Mercury’s Bar and then a local rooftop nightclub.

stone town night market

Day 29

Got a mini bus up to the Northern Beaches area today. I don’t quite know how to explain what this place looks like other than it’s something you would see on a postcard. Spent the day swimming, sunbathing and enjoying as much seafood as possible. I’m making the most of it while I can!

paradise beach

Day 30

First off: DAY THIRTY?! I don’t even know what to say about that.

Another day in paradise. Had a walk around the little village by our resort, then got my hair braided and had a massage. It’s a tough life. I guess this evening will be another amazing sunset and maybe a night out. Can I please stay here?

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