So Long, Ireland!

I don’t really know where to start with this one. Every morning for the past few weeks I have woken up to the thought ‘x days to go’. (Yes, I do think in algebraic terms.)* This morning I woke up and realised that there are no more days to go. In just a few hours time I will be saying goodbye to the Emerald Isle, my home for the past two and a half years.

I hesitated to call Ireland “home” for quite some time. If I couldn’t call England, where I was born, or Malta, where I grew up, my home, then how could I possibly use that term for somewhere I had lived for such a short period of time? It’s down to a combination of things: I willingly came to Ireland, I absolutely love it here and I have made some incredible friends in the time I’ve been here.

Instead of talking all about my favourite memories of Ireland and the people I have met, here are some photos of those times. Click on any one to open the gallery 🙂

I have really come into my own living here. Anyone who knows me now would probably barely recognise the person I was before I moved. In a way, Ireland needed to happen. I am leaving this country a much happier, well-balanced and determined person. And that’s how I know I will be back at some point; it might not be for a while and it might not be for good, but I will be back.

But for now – it’s time to pack my bags and hop on to the first plane of many. Malta, England, Kenya… here I come 🙂

*Only kidding.

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  1. Simmy says:

    Great photos and it looks like you have a lot of nice memories to hold on to 🙂 I need to go back to Ireland someday, it really is a magical place <3

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