The Here and Now

Just today my sister mentioned that she had been having a conversation about how often we all wish our lives away. It took me back to a recent discussion I had with a friend about the fact that I’m probably a little too centred on all the exciting possibilities awaiting me in the near future; so much so that I am missing out on what’s happening around me in the here and now. Sure, the prospect of travelling far and wide is much more interesting than my day-to-day routine but why, said he, do I not consider where I am at present to be ‘travelling’? At the end of the day, I am in a country that is relatively new to me and has plenty of new sights and experiences on offer.

Fair point.

And so I am going to focus more on making the most of Ireland while I am here. That’s not to say that I haven’t been enjoying the time I have been here so far (two years in May … say what?!) but perhaps it has been pushed to the backburner a teensy bit.

Last weekend I was given the opportunity to spend a few days in Laois and I even kinda went to Offaly. I had a romp around the Slieve Bloom Mountains, where I was convinced that the creaky trees were about to come crashing down on my head, and also wandered around Emo Court gardens with an obligatory stop at the Tea Rooms. All of this was rounded up nicely by an evening at a bar in Portlaoise with a Nirvana tribute band to keep us going.

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2 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    Great pics Han. How are you editing them?

  2. Hannah says:

    Thanks! I've been using Picasa 3.

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