The Tourists Are Clearly on to Something

When you move to a new place, be it a different country or even just an unfamiliar part of town, it always feels enormous until that one day when you venture through a little alleyway and come out onto a street you recognise. The second you manage to get your bearings all by yourself, the size of a place immediately diminishes. The need to explore is no longer so great when you know where you’re going, have had a peek into the few promising shops you’ve seen and have sat down for a cup of tea in the quirky little cafe that caught your eye. If you’re anything like me, once you’ve established your favourite haunts you’re unlikely to seek out somewhere new unless it’s a brand new venue which comes highly recommended, or something of the sort.
But sometimes you really need to shake it up a little in order to stop a place becoming ‘boring’. How many times have you complained that there is “nothing new going on”? In a city like Dublin, there is always something new going on; it’s just a matter of seeking it out. Given that I work a normal 9 – 5 office job, Saturday and Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to get out and find something to do in town. Over the past month I have visited a few photography exhibitions, an exhibition of some of Matisse’s art books and another about the ‘Arts of the Book’, discovered a fantastically cosy tea and coffee house and attended the debut of a comedy club in this same venue. Today I finally visited the Natural History Museum, which I have been meaning to do for quite some time.
Just because you live somewhere it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to go sight-seeing. Exactly how often do you get to pose next to a rhino in your living room?
Thanks to Davinia for the photos 🙂

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