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  • “If I told you the world’s biggest pig museum is in Stuttgart, would you think I was telling you a porkie? Well, I’m not. Lying to you is a loin I wouldn’t cross.”  This post by Michael over at Time Travel Turtle is a must-read if you want a giggle.


Hannah’s Top Travel Links is a weekly collection of some of the best travel-related stories that caught her eye during the week. Leave a comment if you would like to recommend a link!

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  1. swayte says:

    Some great links sis. That flight safety video is awesome (but so typically American)! And I had no idea how tough it was to see the Northern Lights until recently when some friends went to Iceland and didn’t get to see them the entire time they were there. I’ll have to bear that in mind when I get round to going in search 🙂

  1. May 6, 2014

    […] post Hannah’s Top Travel Links appeared first on Hannah and the […]

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