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Linda Fairbairn’s Story-Map Journal
Photo from JourneyJottings.com

  • Benny Lewis has lived in 23 countries over the past decade and has picked up some strange habits as a result. Read about them here.
  • Bush camping, or “wild camping” as Phoebe Smith calls it, is my favourite way to sleep when travelling. There’s no denying it’s not as comfortable as an actual bed but nothing beats waking up slowly as the sun comes up and stepping out of your tent to a fantastic view. Read Extreme Sleeps: How to Wild Camp here.
  • Brendan of Brendan’s Adventures is under the spotlight in this interview. His funny travel story at the end cracked me up.


Hannah’s Top Travel Links is a weekly collection of some of the best travel-related stories that caught her eye during the week. If you would like to recommend a link, you can leave a comment or contact Hannah here.

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1 Response

  1. Thanks so much for including my story-map journalling technique in your weekly round up!
    If you’re neither an author, with your words, nor an artist with your drawing capabilities its such a easy method to record the day in a way that’s fun to reminisce over in the future.
    Most people can muster a few wavy line to depict roads and the odd stick figure for a human so really anyone can do it ~
    I hope you’ll give it a go on your next trip! 🙂

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